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Emmy's Preschool Program - 2018

Putting Emmy into preschool was hands down the best idea. SHE LOVED IT! This girl is so smart and funny. Putting her in school was a decision Tyson and I made solely on her making friends and being social. She is plenty smart and only progressed this year of school. Emmy has such a wonderful teacher that she adored, Teacher Rachel. Give a Hoot Preschool was exactly what Emmy needed. She made so many little friends in her class. Wyatt and Ava were among a few of her very favorites in the class! Emmy can't wait to start preschool again in the Fall. Hoping she will make lots of new friends again and continue to love school so much!

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Emmy's First Dance Recital - 2018

Emmy had such a fun time doing dance and tumbling this year! Thank you to her amazing teachers and awesome aunt & great grandma that let her take lessons at their dance studio! Emmy learned so much during the season. At the end of her performance she told me she had so much fun, but was very tired! the next day she told me she would like to keep doing tumbling in the summer, but not dance! I think her mind changes on the regular though! I love this little girl! She was an absolute hoot to watch; Easily distracted and full of her own moves that she added in! Good job Emmy girl, we are so proud of you sis! Love you!

Emmy is FOUR!

Emmy Honey

Loves the book NIBBLESLoves kids YouTubeStill loving to dress up in her princess dressesStill calls mom her best friendLoves to make new friendsLoves the parkLoves being outside no matter the weatherGood big sister to RigginsIs tall and skinny according to the Dr.Really doesn't like getting her hair doneLoves makeup on her lipsBig into Spirit, Fashioms, Shopkins and Play-dohAlways wants to play with her cousinsHas a vocabulary that can put some adults to shameMoody little girlVery inventive and creativeLoves to play with her barbie princessesAbsolutely loves to sing, but is shy about it sometimesLoves hugs and Edelweiss song before bedFavorite shows are Spirit, Sophia, and Paw PatrolLove Sky from Paw PatrolVery smart and doing really well in her preschool classShe loves going to preschoolTakes Dance and Tumbling and has a love/hate for them bothMakes lots of messes and doesn't want to pick them upMisses Arizona and her house thereHas to have juice and milk every day …