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We Hike: 7 Falls(Sabino Canyon)

We went on an 8 mile hike WITH Emmy! It was so much fun and really beautiful! It is a lot different than Utah or Idaho hikes! Definitely less water and more cacti! Honestly though, it was gorgeous! We hiked in Sabino Canyon and we did the 7 falls hike! Being in Arizona where it is SUPER HOT, we had to get up at 5 a.m. so that we weren't doing this hike in the scorching heat! It stayed overcast almost the entire hike and it was so nice! Emmy did really well and had fun playing in the water falls! I highly recommend this hike to anyone who can handle that long of a hike and enjoys the outdoors! Thanks to Kaila and Reggie for the invite and good time! We are going to miss you guys!  (Enjoy all the pictures, Tyson went a little camera crazy!)