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[Emmy at nine months]

Emmy Honey
Emmy is in a happy/sad stage! She can flip at any given moment. We still love her! Emmy crawls like a CHAMP! She is all over the place and always getting into dads things when he is gone. She is getting closer and closer to walking. She likes to stand up and pulls herself up onto everything.Emmy is a total MOMMA'S GIRL! It's a bittersweet thing for me. I love that she wants to be with me, but it also means that she wants me ALL THE TIME! She can also be very independent though, likes to just play ans sit with herself and explore this big new world. She is a misses chatter box, talks all day long and has the BEST giggles around. Emmy is ticklish EVERYWHERE! She melts my heart.Emmy loves all foods, she will eat anything! We eat all sorts of things now that she is old enough and we don't just have to have baby food. Emmy and I are still breastfeeding with a little bit of formula each day to help her grow. If you have seen her, you know how small she is a…