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2016 Re-Cap

Year of 2016 re-cap.

Emmy Honey: Emmy has grown so much this year. She is the girliest of girly girls and loves her princess dress-ups. But don't be fooled, one of her favorite things to do is play with dad's tools and wants to build things. She has such a creative mind sometimes she surprises me with the things she does (and also upsets me, "toothpaste tower" on my floor). For some reason Emmy is always curious to see what she can fit down the toilet bowl... this seems to be a more reoccurring thing. Emmy was potty trained a few weeks before she turned two and by the end of this year she has mastered night times as well. Ems loves to come into our room at night and wake me up for all sorts of reasons: needs her horsie, lambie, blanket, water bottle, or just to have me tuck her back into bed. I am grateful for the nights that she doesn't ;) Emmy loves her shows. Sophia the First, Daniel Tiger and Tinker Bell are top favorites. She is princess obsessed and it's…