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Emmy is three!

Happy birthday to my sassy and sweet little miss Emmy Honey. She is the best. This girl is beyond beautiful in every way. I can't believe she is already 3. What a girl she is becoming! She loves to play dress up and be a princess 24/7. Multiple princesses a day too! She likes to have her nails painted but hates to get them cut. (she complains every single time...) I love watching Emmy be a big sister to Riggs. He is her "bubba" and she doesn't like to share him with others. Emmy can talk up a storm and has new words every day. As of now she claims she wants to play volleyball and do singing lessons and I am not arguing with her there! I'd love to see her do both of those things! She is a killer on the karaoke, especially her screamo version of "Let it Go," from Frozen. I love this girl so much. She has learned new ways to tell us no, including: Shushing us, saying never, and saying whatever. Heaven help us!! She still loves to color on everything she is…