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A little Friday night

So we went to trail dust town here in Tucson and it was a blast! It was the starter party for the loft kids festival that will be happening for the next whole week. We had so much fun checking out all the cute buildings and most of all, seeing and meeting the wizard of oz cast!  Hope ya'll enjoy the pictures below from the night! 
Glad we got a picture taken with them!  About to blow stuff up! ^^^ Cute little thing!^^^ Tyson wants one so bad! Had a great time adventuring around this awesome place! Emmy could have enjoyed it a lot more if she were bigger and able to play on the toys and in the games! We are just makin memories!

Emmy & Oli

Emmy and Olivia are only one day apart! Theirs dads grew up together playing sports in Shelley Idaho! I cannot tell you how GREAT it was having a friend to got through pregnancy with. (Especially being your first one)! Kenzie (Oli's mom) and I became such good friends and I couldn't have asked for someone better! We were able to talk about everything that was going on and compare. It made pregnancy so much fun too! It's nice to have a friend that is going through the same things as you and is there to talk to! So I was due February 3rd and Kenzie was due on February 8th. Crazy enough, she ended up having her baby the day before me! So our little girls are only a day apart! Even to this day we are always talking and helping each other through. Emmy and Olivia are 5 months now and creepin' up on 6 months quickyl! Such a huge blessing to have a close friend to experience pregnancy and motherhood with! HUGE BLESSING! The girls first time meeting outside the wombs! ^^^^


Idaho Trip

We started our trip in Ogden where we stopped and had lunch with the great grandparents! Then we saw our friends! We sure miss having them around.  This little girl was workin' the camera!

 Next it was onto Idaho for the 4th of July!
My sister and I painted Emmy's toesies for the first time!  ^^^^  Cousins are the best! ^^  Emmy hanging with baby Karter ^^^ DUE SOON!  Emmy & Kaycie

This was on our plane ride. Gorgeous sunset!