Easter Sunday of 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016


I love all holidays! The weekend before Easter Tyson had to work. Our community was having a fun spring festival with an easter egg hunt and free lunch. They had face paintings and sidewalk chalk drawing and all kinds of bounce houses and what not! I took Emmy over to the festival Saturday and she loved it! She was scared to death of the Easter Bunny so you won't be seeing a photo with the two of them anytime soon!

Riggins was born Thursday. We just got out of the hospital on Saturday and Sunday was Easter. There was no way I wasn't still going to celebrate and make Easter fun this year for Emmy. After we got her to bed. We hid eggs all over the house and also her basket. (just basically hid it in plain sight haha) We did a jelly bean trail out to the living room and then we hit the sack. When we woke up, Tyson went in and got Emmy and I videoed her coming out! It was the sweetest thing ever. She came out, followed the trail of jelly beans and instead of going straight for her basket she went straight for baby brother! Sweetest thing EVER! We had to basically force her to find her basket and find all her eggs. Once she got started she was in the zone! She found all the eggs we hid and ate the jelly bean trail as she went along. 

 Later that day my Davis family was having their Easter dinner and egg hunt. At first Tyson was just going to take Emmy and I was going to stay home with Riggins since we just got out of the hospital the day before.... but my baby blues were settling in on me and I did not want to miss out on my little girl racing cousins for eggs. I cried and cried going back and forth over if I should go or not and I decided for my own well being that I should probably go. I kept Riggins in his carseat and covered the entire time. We only stayed for a little while though and had such a good time. I am so glad we went because it was much needed for myself and probably for Tyson too. Being cooped up in a hospital when the weather is amazing outside gets rough! This Davis family is the best! We have been so lucky to have them around and have their help. They're amazing! We lucked out big time! Very grateful for them and taking our little family in.

Happy Easter! :)

Devon's Senior Photo Session

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This is my handsome cousin Devon. Devon is an amazing volleyball and basketball player! Had fun taking his senior photos. Check them out.