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Gettin' fit

Tyson and I are gettin' fit! A family that works out together, stays together! Emmy gives us a hard time at the gym but we make it work! We don't have a lot to use here so we do our best with what we've got! I'm really working hard to get my stomach back tight again from having little Emmy! Thankfully I have an awesome hubby that wants the same things for me! We both WILL improve our bodies...

"It hurts now, but soon it will be a warm-up."

Cinco de Mayo Stake Party

This little boy^^^^ loved Tyson  and kept taunting him to play him in all the kid games!  If he lost against Tyson he would make him play  again and again and again haha!

This is Elder Gudmunson^^^  He is the best and so willing to help out! Emmy is his new girlfriend as of recently!

Where We Live

Soooooooo, right out our door we have a basketball court and Tyson has been teaching me technique! My man is the best ball player I know and quite the teacher as well! I am getting better and better!

 We LOVE swimming out at the pool! Emmy and I get to go out every single day! Most the time we like to wait for Tyson to get home and all go out together! We LOVE the warm weather!


I love these two human beings! They are my absolute favorites!  Hope you all enjoy their cute faces like I did and do!


Mother's Day

So this year was my very first Mother's Day! As some may see this holiday lame or pointless, it has always been one of my favorites! I remember when I was younger how all four of us kids would get together and wake up early to make my mamma breakfast in bed! We always had to take it to her on a pretty tray and add some flowers for a nice touch! I remember it like it was yesterday just jumping on her bed to wake her up and wish her a Happy Mother's Day! It always felt so good to make my mom happy. This was my first year being the mom and it was great! I only have one baby and she is just 3 1/2 months old! Tyson was awesome! He made me breakfast and got me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi!!! (my husband is the best) Church was great and all the women received a long stem flower in honor of motherhood. I hope that I will be as great of a mom as mine was and is to this day! I look up to her so much and can't thank her enough for all the hard times I gave her! Couldn't ha…