Gma-H and Aunt Mandee came to visit!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

YAY for Gma-H and aunt Mandee visit! 
Emmy loved getting to see these two and have a fun weekend shopping and at the pool! She was all smiles all weekend long! I am so glad they were able to fly out and see our family for a bit. I hardly get to see my little sister because she plays college ball in Wyoming. It's the pits!!! For being a few months since they last saw her, Emmy acted like she knew exactly who they were! I'm sooooooo grateful for such an awesome mother who really helped our family out during this trip and for her unconditional love and support for us! She is the real deal peeps :) Emmy adores her just like I do! Thanks for the GREAT weekend you two! -Love Kam & Tys

What an awesome sunset we got to see on our drive home!

 SHOPPING & FOOD! We had a blast at the mall where Gma-H spoiled us all! We got to ride this elephant around the mall for 12 minutes! Emmy was so content and loving it! ^^^^

 Party at the pool! Our pool is hardly ever being used. So we had the place to ourselves the entire time! I feel like we own the thing because Tys, Ems, and I are the only people who ever go to it! So much fun having more family there to enjoy it with! Thank you mom for the FLOATIES!!!!

 Grandma took care of Emmy's cereal feeding at night! She has the touch! Emmy ate way better with her than she has with me!

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  1. I guess you already know YOU HAVE AN AMAZING MOM! These are great pics. I'm so glad she went to play with you guys! You are looking way good girlie! Your little family is darling! ;)