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Why I Chose To Be Married In The Temple - LDS

The most forward answer I can give is- I chose an eternal marriage, not a earthly one.  I chose to be with the love of my life FOREVER. If some of you don't know, "Eternal" means- lasting or existing forever; without end. For some people this may seem so "out there" or "unreal," yet I look at it and know without a doubt that it is REAL and it is OUT THERE, that's what makes it so amazing and exciting. Now, I know some of you may be thinking that I did it because that's just what Mormons do, or that I feared my parents if I didn't, etc. I am here to tell you that I full heartedley chose for myself, on what I know to be true and how I feel. There have been a significant amount of blessings received from the Lord for being married in the Temple to my sweetheart.

There are so many blessings that come from marriage in the Temple. Like these from :
Confidence and Support. When you get married, you have someone who will cheer you on and encourage you in doing what is right, who will lift you up each day, who will share in all your joys and sorrows.
“The most important single thing that any Latter-day Saint ever does in this world is to marry the right person, in the right place, by the right authority.” —Elder Bruce R. McConkie (1915–85)
Children. It brings great joy to be trusted with the care and keeping of Heavenly Father’s children.

Sharing. It is such a great blessing to share in the life of another person and someday in the life of children as well. Your and your spouse’s successes become successes for the family. Making memories together adds deeper meaning to life.
Counsel. A spouse can give you good, honest advice, and you can trust it because you know it’s coming from someone who has only your best interests at heart.
Strength. Two are stronger than one. You can strengthen and help each other to live the gospel more completely.
Laughter. When you know someone this well and when you really trust each other, you’ll enjoy life with laughter and humor.

Love. Being told each day that you are loved is marvelously renewing and refreshing.
Service. There is great joy in serving one another and much more so when you do it for someone you love.
Friendship. You’ll have someone there with you through the good times and bad.
Trust. It is comforting to know that you are with someone who always wants what’s best for you and that you can confide in him or her without fear.
Physical and Emotional Intimacy. Marriage is a unique relationship in which the Lord binds two people in an eternal relationship whose goals include oneness, togetherness, and joy.

Those are just few of the amazing things that come from a Temple marriage. Now, I know that non-temple marriages can have a lot of those things spoken about above, but if you only knew how significantly more they can be with the Lord at the center with a Temple marriage is unmatchable, unthinkable, unforgettable. I know that the Church Of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is the true church and I am so grateful for a loving, priesthood-holding husband that I get to be with for ETERNITY. To learn more about my faith and Temple Marriage visit 


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