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Riggins's Birth Story

Riggins Tyson Cox. 
Born March 24, 2016 @ 10:59 P.M. 
Weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long. 

This birth was so different than the first with Emmy. With Emmy it was all planned out and I got induced. With Riggins, he came on his own and he surprised us all! 

That morning of the 24th I had a doctors appointment. I went in and my doctor, Dr. Wilson at Southwest Contemporary Women's Care, said that I was dilated to a 4! However, people say you can be dilated to a 4 for weeks before a baby decides to come... BOOO!! So he stripped my membranes since I was 38 weeks and 6 days along in my pregnancy. Well we scheduled for another appointment hoping to not have to have it and we left. 

We got home around 11:00 AM and we ate lunch and then I got Emmy down for her nap. I was feeling some pain from the stripping of membranes, but I had contractions and pain when I did it with Emmy as well. So I just ignored it. They hurt enough after a while that I decided I would just take a nap as well. I laid down and figured these contractions would eventually go away. (like they did with Emmy.) Well I was wrong! My cousin Ashley called me and as we talked she said it sounded like labor and I should go in! I was still pretty hesitant because this was all a new experience for me since I was induced the first time. I waited a while longer and then decided to text my aunt. Her and my uncle came out and picked up Emmy and me and we headed for the hospital. I called Tyson and he met us there from work. 

We checked into Triage and waited there for a couple hours hoping that I would progress from the 4. Still having very consistent contractions and very strong ones to the point of no talking and MAD GRIPPING! They finally okayed me to go walking so Tyson and I went to the cafeteria and got some fruit. I walked for about 45 minutes and then it was time to check again to decide if they would send me home or get me into a room.  I WAS DILATED TO A 6!!!!!!! YAY! That meant that I got to stay and be put into a room! I was so excited. 

We got moved into the new room where we would have baby. My Labor and Delivery nurse was AMAZING! She was so nice and helped so much. Couldn't have asked for better nurses for BOTH of my pregnancies. After a few hours of being stuck at that 6, I got my epidural and was feeling good! Or so I thought..... my stomach is weak sauce that I threw up. Probably from the antibiotics I was getting in my IV. After that, the doctor came in and broke my water, well kind of (he couldn't quite get it all I guess). After a little while I was starting to feel my contractions pretty well. They gave me some more juices to try and solve that problem ;) and I was hoping it would kick in before pushing time. Well it worked a little, not all the way and it was time to push. I only pushed for 11 minutes and out came the sweetest little baby boy. I did feel quite a bit of the pushing and the last little while of contractions. I am still grateful for my epidural, I still believe it took most of the pain. It was different to actually feel baby this time though. Only got a 1st degree tear this time around! WAHOOOO! 

We are so in love with this little man. Especially his big sister. She can't get enough! My heart is so full and I am beyond blessed by my Heavenly Father for letting me take care of not only one, but two of his children! They are perfect and wonderful and we love them so much! <3


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