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2016 Re-Cap

Year of 2016 re-cap.

Emmy Honey: Emmy has grown so much this year. She is the girliest of girly girls and loves her princess dress-ups. But don't be fooled, one of her favorite things to do is play with dad's tools and wants to build things. She has such a creative mind sometimes she surprises me with the things she does (and also upsets me, "toothpaste tower" on my floor). For some reason Emmy is always curious to see what she can fit down the toilet bowl... this seems to be a more reoccurring thing. Emmy was potty trained a few weeks before she turned two and by the end of this year she has mastered night times as well. Ems loves to come into our room at night and wake me up for all sorts of reasons: needs her horsie, lambie, blanket, water bottle, or just to have me tuck her back into bed. I am grateful for the nights that she doesn't ;) Emmy loves her shows. Sophia the First, Daniel Tiger and Tinker Bell are top favorites. She is princess obsessed and it's so cute. She is so smart and has such a large vocabulary that just keeps growing every single day. She is the pickiest eater, but I find pride in making her a meal that she approves of! Hopefully she will ease up a bit on that! Her favorite is probably Spaghetti and meatballs and then she has a sure fire for her fruit snacks. Emmy also loves Sprite... which can basically be any soda whatsoever. This is something that has definitely had to be limited to her, but she sure does love it. Always sipping on dad's drinks and stealing them when he isn't looking. Nothing stands in the way of this girl and her CHOCOLATE MILK though! Shit will hit the fan if chocolate milk is not delivered! I seriously love this girl. When the weather is good outside, Emmy is constantly out there being creative and coloring on everything. (inside included) She loves being outside and playing in the yard and always asks to go to the park as well. She can be so sassy sometimes but then so sweet at the same time. She cares for me when I feel sick and scratches my back. This girl is a handful and can out sass me any day. I'm trying to keep up with her and help her grow and learn. She is my little buddy and I can't imagine life without her.

Riggins Tyson: My sweet little boy. Riggins joined our family on March 24th. He was 20 inches long and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces, born at 10:59PM. He was about a pound heavier than Emmy was at birth. Riggs has been a chunkier baby than Emmy ever was. He is always a size ahead of his age in his clothes. This boy is the most chill as it gets. He is such a sweetheart. Riggs is so ticklish in his inner thighs and his ribs. He has the best giggle EVER! He's so good to entertain himself with anything he finds in sight. He will and loves to follow his big sister all over the place. He wants to be by her all the time. He thinks she is the funniest thing too. She can do all sorts of random things and Riggs will just be rolling over it in giggles. He is such a jabber and says, "mamamamama" and crawls as fast as he can towards me. Melts my heart every time! He was crawling at 6 months and I've been nervous of him walking super soon, but he's being a bit lazy about it so we will see when that happens. Riggins is a binky boy. He has to have it. I've connected it to a small elephant stuffed animal so that it is easy for him to find at nights and anywhere else. If it is in his sight and reach, it will be in his mouth. Riggs started sleeping through the night again in about November. Luckily he is good for most nights as long as he has a fulfilling dinner.  Riggs is always smiley and seems very happy. He pulls himself up on everything and loves to push his toy elephant around the house. I love and take advantage of the moments that he lets me hold him and cuddle him. He has always been independent and not much of a cuddle to sleep baby. So I really love those moments. Riggs has four teeth and he loves to feed himself. He eats all day long and eats anything and everything. Might explain the chunkiness! He is in size 4 diapers and it's crazy, because Emmy was only ever in those for about four months. Crazy to see the difference between my two babies. Riggins makes our family whole and we love him so much. He is such a blessing and growing so big!

Tyson & Kamee: Tyson is still working for Mortenson Construction here in PHX, AZ. He is working on the same project just different phases as they're completed. Tyson works about 45 minutes from where we live so he has a bit of a commute for work. Tyson was promoted this year after seriously killing it at work and working some long and hard hours. He deserved it and I am so proud of him on that! We miss him on those longer days, but we are so proud of how hard working he is. He provides for our family and we appreciate him. Tyson ran in a Ragnar Race this year with the company and this was his second year doing it. He did awesome and it's fun to see him enjoying something he loves. Tyson and I both ran in a race this year. My first race ever and I am proud to say that I didn't do too bad! I had some great entertainment along the way. We ran in the Mesa Turkey trot. So much fun! I am still working as a Virtual Assistant and still love what I do. I also enjoy doing my photography when I have the chance. This year we were able to see both Tyson's younger siblings get married and spend time with family. Also got to see a couple of our friends be married as well. We got to experience the DENVER BRONCOS WINNING SUPERBOWL 50!!! Such a cool experience to see that happen. We were lucky enough to have family come out and visit us several times throughout the year as well. Tyson and I got to watch the Broncos play a pre-season game here in AZ in September for our Anniversary. They played the cardinals and it was so awesome to say the least! We love them Broncos! We have done so much in between all this and had so much fun experiencing a year with two kids. It's definitely something we are getting used to, but love! We love our little family and all the fun we have together. Can't wait to see what fun things we do in the New Year! 

 Family Pictures | Tobie Madsen Photography


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