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Emmy is three!

Happy birthday to my sassy and sweet little miss Emmy Honey. She is the best. This girl is beyond beautiful in every way. I can't believe she is already 3. What a girl she is becoming! She loves to play dress up and be a princess 24/7. Multiple princesses a day too! She likes to have her nails painted but hates to get them cut. (she complains every single time...) I love watching Emmy be a big sister to Riggs. He is her "bubba" and she doesn't like to share him with others. Emmy can talk up a storm and has new words every day. As of now she claims she wants to play volleyball and do singing lessons and I am not arguing with her there! I'd love to see her do both of those things! She is a killer on the karaoke, especially her screamo version of "Let it Go," from Frozen. I love this girl so much. She has learned new ways to tell us no, including: Shushing us, saying never, and saying whatever. Heaven help us!! She still loves to color on everything she is not suppose to and gets her coloring things taken away on a regular basis. 

-Keep learning Emmy girl, you are something else and we love you!

 Oh, and pictures... They were difficult. She would either smile and look away from me or not smile and look right at me.. She would not listen!!! But I think we still got some cute pictures of our sweet little miss.


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After much prayer and thinking, we finally decided to start looking into other job opportunities for Tyson. I knew he would be amazing wherever he went and I have always told him I would follow him to the edge of the world, but it was time to be closer to family and closer to each other. We are hoping that this change will only grow our relationships around us and ours most importantly!

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