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Havasupai was as amazing as you've imagined it would be. No expectations fell short on this gorgeous and breathtaking trip.

This was the first LONG hike I have ever done! The furthest ever was a couple years ago when we hiked with some friends to seven falls in Tucson and it was only eight miles ROUND-TRIP. (clearly we have a thing for waterfalls) 

The hike to the Supai Village was around 8 miles and then to get to the falls and campgrounds we hiked a couple more. I believe it's about 10 miles into campgrounds. WHAAAAT?!?! I had never hiked 10 miles anywhere and led alone having to do it in and out. THAT'S 20 people!! Not including all the walks to the bathrooms, rivers, other falls, and the drinking water spot! I don't even want to know how many miles we piled on total because.... WOOF! 


1. It was not a difficult hike. Just long. I saw plenty of younger kids (not toddler young) at the campgrounds and in passing while hiking. I will admit that going in was rough on my knees. The excursion out was great until the last 2 miles when it was ALL UPHILL!! We got them legs burnin for sure and those miles felt like 20. 

2. We did hike and see all of the different falls while we were there. I was most impressed with Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls. The others were just more water falls to me.

 Havasu Falls^^^

 Mooney Falls ^^^

Beaver Falls ^^^

3. We slept in the car Friday night. Got up at 4am and hiked in. We stayed two nights and hiked back Monday morning at about 3am. IT IS WORTH IT TO GET UP EARLY AND BEAT THE HEAT. We were escorted out by a cute dog that followed us along the trail until about half way. 

4. The water is as blue as it looks in pictures you've seen. Some pictures can't even do it justice until you see it with your own eyes! It is the clearest water I've seen and the prettiest.

5. I'd say hammocks are the way to go. They are lightweight to carry and there are trees everywhere around the campgrounds. I chose to sleep on an inflatable couch and it worked FANTASTIC as well. It may have been a bit heavier than the hammock my husband took. My couch did end up getting a hole or something because the second night it would not stay inflated. Thankfully my cousin had brought one too and wasn't using it for sleep so I just used his the second night!

6. I am so so so so so GLAD we went with my uncle and cousins. They go on big and long hiking trips all the time and they are well rehearsed on what to do and bring. I think it helped a ton and eased my mind on things! My uncle was a BEAST and carried a ton of food along with all the cooking gear. His bag was easily the heaviest. 

7. The food. Not bad either. Did freezer dried meals and the chicken and rice was the best. My uncle even came with desert options for us each night. We definitely ate less than normal though and had what felt like zero carbs the whole time. I drank only water the entire time we were there. The constant jerky was DELICIOUS and the dried fruit I really liked (costco for the win!) Protein bars were the tough one for me. I bought quest bars and didn't like them at all. Cliff bars were okay depending on the flavor. I'd rather drink my protein or eat it normally ha! 

8. HAVE GOOD SHOES! It's a long hike and all I had were some old Nike shoes and while I love Nike, they were not meant for hiking and they were a little too small for me. So my poor toes were ruined after the trip. So get shoes that are good and comfy and the RIGHT SIZE!

9. We packed all our stuff in and out. There are options to pay and helicopter you and your stuff out on specific days. Also you could choose to pay and have a mule haul your stuff in and out for you. Saw lots of people do this. However, we did not! It's cool. 

10. There are lots of village dogs around. I even woke up to one underneath my feet! We got to see a ton of wildlife on our drive to the parking spot. Huge elk, deer, rabbits, wild horses and even cows ;)

11. Mooney Falls: awesome hiking through tunnels in the rocks and down a cliff using man-made ladders. I was terrified the whole time because it was way out of my comfort zone to be doing this! I survived though and I'm glad I did it. Mooney also has a fun rope swing and that was the most entertaining for our group!

12. Havsu Falls: my favorite. So many pools and places to jump in. It is a little more crowded here though. The water is unreal. There was a spot higher up you could climb up really close to the large waterfall and jump off as well. I loved being able to relax and just float.

13. My cousins and uncle brought cheap floaties to float on and they were awesome! So if you are on the edge about packing one... DO IT! 

We loved the trip. Probably won't do it again for a while but really enjoyed it! Seriously so beautiful and such a fun experience. Tyson and I don't get to do much together, led alone it be something cool and exciting like this place. So glad we got to go and spend time together! We had the whole 10ish miles on the way out all to each other. Love my husband and to experience life with him. 


Enjoy our pictures we took. This is just some of the millions :)

 My Uncle and cousins! ^^^


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