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I love a good hack. I mean, who doesn't? Whether it be for laundry, cooking, school, websites, you name it, I am all for it!

I am going to give you a run down of my top favorite hacks that I have used and found to be legit and actually work. In no certain order and the most random compilation you will find. They are just my favorites that I've found.

So here are my TOP 10 favorite hacks:

1. Trouble Falling Asleep? Try the 4-7-8 technique. 4 second in-hale, 7 second hold, 8 second exhale, and REPEAT.

You guys!!! This seriously works for me. When all else has failed, like my usual herbal tea and Magnesium supplement, I will do this and it WORKS!

2. Tuesday's at 3PM, 6 weeks prior to your flight is when plane tickets are cheapest.

Now I can say that this one is USUALLY the case. It has worked 95% of the time for me.

3. You can add 2 eggs and 1/2 cup oil to any cake mix to make it into cookie dough!

LOVE LOVE THIS ONE. Especially with Funfetti Cake mix. YUM!

4. Peroxide will get out blood stains just as well as Oxi clean.

Now I have used both and both work great. This would be a preference to all. I like the cheaper option though!

5. Cold water is better for your hair.

I honestly hate to admit this one because I do not like cold showers! But for my hair I will do anything and therefore I will crank the water to cold each time I rinse my hair in the shower.

6. You can heal paper cuts and stop the pain with chapstick.

Tried and true my friends!

7. Putting baking soda in your boiling water when boiling eggs will make the egg shell come right off.

We love having boiled eggs on hand in our house so this hack was awesome to find and works very well!

8. The color of the twist ties on bread show you the day it was shipped to the store. Monday=Blue Tuesday=Green Thursday=Red Friday=White Saturday=Yellow

So on this one I think it could be different based on location and store. In Arizona when we lived there, I asked a worker and he said that the above was correct.

9. In case of a blackout, use a crayon. They will burn for almost 30 minutes.

Probably one of the coolest hacks ever and well thought of.

10. Always be 10  minutes early to something. It will become a habit and you'll never be late again.

This is my favorite!!! I hate hate hate being late to things. I always make it a habit that 10 minutes early is actually on-time.

I hope you guys liked these fun hacks. I would seriously love to hear what hacks you have tried and that have worked and that have failed so that we don't try them! Leave a comment below.



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