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Emmy's Birth Story

                                                This is our sweet girl Emmy Honey!

Emmy was born January 31st at 5:28 p.m.
Weight- 5 pounds 12 ounces
Height- 20 inches

The birth story-- As you may know, Tyson has been working very hard to finish school and attend all the important competitions and conventions that he could. Well Tyson happened to have one competition in Reno a few days after my actual due date (which was February 3rd). We were so worried that he wouldn't get to be there at the hospital with me. Fortunately for us our doctor was so fantastic that together we all decided I would be induced on the 31st of January rather than wait. (YAY!!!) The morning of the 31st I called the hospital (5:30 a.m.) to see if they were not too busy to have me come in and get going. They said that they had been slammed through the night with new babies so to wait for their call. I'll admit I was a little bummed, but it all worked out! My mamma, Tyson and I all went shopping for some groceries. I was in the seasonings isle when THE CALL came in! It was the hospital saying that they were ready for me to come in and get induced! I started screaming for Tyson and my mom and we rushed through the check out line! We had to go to our apartment to get our paperwork and bags then we were off to the hospital! We got all checked in at about 10:00 a.m. Unless you have had a baby before, you cannot even imagine the different emotions I was feeling! Well I was all set up and getting Pitocin dosages to help induce the labor. I wasn't allowed to eat anything so I just had ice chips the entire day. The doctor finally came in at about 11:30 a.m. and broke my water to help things get going as well. After that I quickly started feeling some more intense contractions. I got dilated to a 4 and I asked for some pain killer that they give through your IV line. It made me very sleepy so I closed my eyes and let myself try and relax. Well it didn't last long because the contractions were getting so hard I couldn't take it. I got to a 5.5 in dilation and I got the worlds greatest invention, and EPIDURAL! Once that baby kicked in I was doing great! Just relaxing. The relaxing quickly turned into nervousness when the nurse started being slightly alarmed at what she saw on the monitor. She explained to me that as I was having a contraction that Emmy's heartbeat was dropping way too low. She was happy to see that after the contraction her heart rate would come right back up to where it should be. They sent live video streaming over to the doctors office where my doctor was and he monitored us from there. I was so scared that I just closed my eyes took deep breaths and prayed to my Father in Heaven for the strength to overcome this and for comfort that Emmy would be okay. The clock struck 5 p.m. and the doctor came over to the hospital. Soon enough I started feeling not painful pressure and told my nurse that I thought my epidural was wearing off. She decided to check my dilation and sure enough I was at 10 and Emmy was ready to make her world debute! It was time and I was so excited! I didn't have to have an emergency C-section because my doctor is amazing!! He had to help bring her out with a vacuum. It turns out that Emmy had got herself wrapped in the ambilical cord, twice around her neck and once around her body. So, as I would have a contraction, the cord was squeezing tight on her neck and body making I hard to breathe and therefore dropping her heart rate. Luckily we got her out within 11 minutes of pushing! I only got to see her briefly before they took her to the NICU because now her heart rate was too rapid. I waited anxiously for over an hour to see my little girl. Tyson went with her to the NICU and my mom stayed with me. They finally brought her to our room and I was so relieved to finally hold her and just look at her! She was so wide eyed and attentive.

                                                 This is where Tyson slept both nights!

We both recovered well and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives!


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