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First family camp outing

Okay, so this camp was absolutely awesome! We camped at Camp Zion that is on Mt. Lemon in Tucson Arizona. It was over 9,000 ft in the air! This camp is church owned and absolutely amazing! We stayed over Friday night and had a wonderful devotional that night on Priesthood. Bishop did such a great job and I felt the spirit so strongly. Saturday morning we went on a basic mile hike! We had no idea that we were doing a hike so we didn't bring Emmy's Ergo baby carrier with us. So Tyson and I each took a shift of holding her throughout the hike!! She did awesome and slept through at least half the hike. This was out first camping trip of the year and Emmy's first EVER!! She is such a good little baby! She slept normal as she does at home. We did decide that she might have allergies because she was sneezing up a storm! (She gets the allergies from her dad). Hopefully we can get her tested for them and find out soon! Other than that she was awesome and everyone in our ward just loved her to pieces!

This was our huge tent that our ward clerk let us borrow!
It was too big to fit on the platform we chose. Later we saw that there were bigger ones we could have set up on! The platforms were great! Your tent didn't get dirty and less crawly creatures could get us!

Okay so the camp had a  basketball court, sand volleyball, kickball and tetherball!!
 This is one of the extra buildings with bathrooms and covered sitting area.^^
 ^^This was the main building where people would sleep inside if they wanted. This is also where we did devotional and they have food serving room inside.
 Sand volleyball!! ^^
This is the amphitheater!

Now onto the hiking pictures!

 Our bishop is awesome! He went up this crazy huge tree while wearing his sweet Ray-bans!
Someone woke up during the hike a little upset ^^
 We loved Camp Zion! Now if only I could go with the girls camp again in a few months! ;)


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