Arizona Lovin'

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This post is just a compilation of all the fun things we get to do and experience here in AZ! It is sure getting hot here and we are learning to adjust. It definitely beats Utah and Idaho cold weather though! Enjoy all the pictures!

 Brush Fire Grill ^^ with the missionaries before Elder Johnson (on the right) 
was transferred to his new area.

(That face^^)
 We LOVE the pool and thankfully this little nugget does too! -most of the time anyway.

 Yes, they all look similar but it was fun catchin' the ball in the picture! We bought a tee so that we could practice our field goal kicking. Needless to say, Tyson is better at it than I am!

 Glad that we found a park to go to! Emmy just immediately zonked out when we got there! Kept a fan on her because it was 106 degrees while we were out! thankful that there was some breeze of wind!

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  1. aww such cuties all of ya! in the top picture emmy looks like her mommy! love that face!