Tyson is a GRADUATE!

Monday, February 16, 2015

 Happy graduation to Tyson back in December! Tyson graduated with his Bachelors in Construction Management! Wahooooo! Tyson went through all of college with ZERO DEBT! What a relief that is and such a huge blessing! He is such a smarty pants and worked so hard to get straight A's. I am a proud wife. For graduation Emmy and I got Tyson a banana chair! Mom mamma got him a GPS and his parents got him a handgun! He was a spoiled boy, but he worked hard and deserved to be rewarded. Here are some fun pictures from graduation. Tyson also graduated in the TOP 10% of the graduating class.. HOLLA! Again, I am so proud! I hope our kids get his smarts and his dedication. I love you Tyson Scott Cox!

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