Emmy turned 2!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My little Emmy Honey turned two! I can't even believe she is that big already... She has become such a fun little stinker. She is such a smarty pants and loves loves loves when Daddy comes home from work. Emmy can count to 12 all on her own. Learning her ABC's as we speak and is...... WAIT FOR IT......... POTTY TRAINED! (Except at nights) Emmy potty trained in 3 days and she has done awesome ever since. No it doesn't mean that she never has accidents. They still happen on occasion, but rare! I am so proud of her and how good of a girl she is. Emmy LOVE LOVE LOVES Nursery. She has loved it since day one. I'm glad that she enjoys it so much. She is learning all the songs in her class and the hand gestures to go along with them. It's nothing short of amazing to watch her grow and learn so much. Ems loves Daniel Tiger, Barney and Sophia the First. She is always asking to watch one of those three shows in the mornings. She even has a Sophia dress that Gamma Holli got her for her birthday that she rarely takes off. I love this girl so much and I am excited to see how she grows at being a big sister to little brother and see all the new things she learns this year! So blessed to have such a spunky yet super sweet little girl! LOVE YOU EMMY!

We went to the Zoo for Emmy's Birthday! (the day before anyway) Her birthday this year was on a Sunday! So we went out the day before! Lucky we had Gamma Holli 
visiting to come along with us :)

DAD AND EMMY. (They take this picture every year) 

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