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Riggins' First Birthday!

How is my baby already one? 

Riggins goes by Riggs and bubba. A lot of the time he responds to bubba better than Riggs or Riggins. He is such a mellow boy. Jabbers non-stop. Favorite and only thing he says is MAMA. Not to mention that he is an absolute mamas boy. Is a speed crawler on his knees and toes. He stands up on everything. Has seven teeth that make up the sweetest smile. He loves balls and anything with wheels. He looks very much like his dad and has the best cheeks to munch on! Riggs eats like a champ and loves all food, but blueberries and eggs are his favorite! This boy always wants to be with his big sister and follows her everywhere. Outside is his favorite place to be. He tries to eat rocks daily and don't even get me started on the dirt. One of my favorite things that Riggs does is burrow's his head into the ground, pillows or into Tyson and me. It is seriously the cutest thing ever! From birth Riggins had some intense face stork bites and bruises. It's been a year now and he looks a lot better. 

(see that comparison?) 
Find Riggs birth story here.

 Riggs birthday was a hot mess. He cried opening all of his presents and getting his cake. His cake smash was just as bad and he hated it! Don't let pictures fool you! He just wasn't in the birthday mood! However, he did love the balloons. 

(He is even cute when he cries!) 

Dad's favorite photos to take. 
We take pictures of the kids beside him each year to see how they grow.


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Riggs is TWO!

BEYOND LATE on posting these adorable pictures of my boy. I was looking through my blog to see what I have missed and these were one of them!

Fun facts about RIGGINS (at 2):
He loves balls and trucks.
He love the pad.
He is a great eater.
Loves to follow his sister everywhere.
He is the king of tantrums and knows over 70 words that he chooses not to use during those tantrums.
Riggs is such a lover. He loves playing by his sister. 
LOVES Paw Patrol, PuppyDog Pals, Minions.
Adores Mac from Cars.
Train tracks are a favorite.
Definitely his blue (name of his blanket).
Enjoys feeding Grandpa Cox's cows. 
Likes daddy's tools.
Loves doggies
LOVES BOOKS! Especially NIBBLES! He asks Dad to read it every night! 
Bubba sleeps like a charm and is now in a toddler bed.

I love this boy so much! He is such a lover and makes me feel so special as a mom. He has an unwavering love for dad, sis, and mom! We are so lucky to have him! Happy second birthday Riggs!

( We are good parents and no child was hurt in…

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