fishlake family reunion '17

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

 Thanks to @lacedwithlove for making us the cutest shirts for our reunion! 

FAMILY REUNION!! This was so fun for our little family to finally be able to go to. This is the one and only camping trip my family does in the year and we were so excited to live close enough this year to be able to go! Being back home is fun! 

My family grew up going to Fishlake when we were all younger and it was awesome to take Tyson there for the first time! We fished and played and fished and played until we couldn't fish and play anymore! 

All the kids ran around and had a hard time not wanting to play in the water or the roads!! They played together and got very dirty. Riggs had a hard time keeping up with the older three. He had quite a few tumbles and falls throughout the weekend, but he was still a happy camper!

We longboarded in honor of our little sister Mandee since she couldn't be there. She was off saving the day being a wildfire firefighter! Love you mandroo. Luckily non of us died trying and some of us were better than others! (not me)

Thank you mom for such an awesome camping trip! Love this family tribe. Grateful for the small blessing it is to be close to them and get to experience things with them again.

 my brother insisted that I do some 
single leg squats on this thing ^^^ 

 and the fruitloop-dingus of the family :)

 they tried to ride the longboard together.. hahaha

 riggs fell out of the camper and cut the back of his head.
poor baby boy struggled.

 you will never see a better ponytail!!!

 BEST GAMMA HO ever! We love her.

 there are no words for 
this kind of behavior... ^^

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